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Hilltop Medical Patient Policies & Procedures

Hilltop Medical Clinic (Family Practice and Walk-in Clinic) is committed to providing a safe, secure and respectful environment for staff and patients. We have a zero-tolerance policy for threatening, intimidating or inappropriate behaviours. This includes, but is not limited to, behaviours such as swearing, abuse (verbal or physical), threats, threatening or intimidating behaviours, unwanted physical contact, sexual harassment, and discriminatory remarks. Failure to abide by this policy may result in you being discharged from Hilltop Medical Clinic immediately.

As of April 14, 2023

Below are the current Hilltop patient protocols for in-office and phone call appointments:

For all appointments please note:

  1. We require at least 24-hours cancellation notice for any scheduled appointment; in-office or phone appointment.

  2. All appointments must be cancelled by calling Hilltop directly. We cannot accept cancellations by email or text message.

    1. Please call 604-531-5575 and press the # for your respective pod.​
  3. If you fail to cancel your appointment, you may be charged a "no-show" fee* ​​ * Click here to review the Hilltop no-show fee as outlined in the Hilltop Private Uninsured services schedule *

  4. Even if a BC resident is insured under the Medical Services Plan (MSP) and / or other affiliated medical plans (i.e. Blue Cross, Sun Life, etc.), not all services provided by a doctor are covered, these services include, but not limited to: forms, sick notes, drivers' exams, EI forms, disability tax credit forms, medical-legal requests etc.  ** Please review the Hilltop Uninsured patient fee schedule **

If you have an "in-office" appointment please note:

  1. Masks are now optional in the clinic, except for any patients that have upper respiratory symptoms.

  2. If you have upper respiratory symptoms including but not limited to sore throat, cough, bronchitis, fever, runny nose, swollen lymph nodes etc., you will be required to wear a mask while in the clinic.

  3. Upon arrival to the clinic, a Hilltop staff member will review all current covid screening questions with you.

  4. We're here to help and support you.

If you have a "phone" appointment please note:

  1. Please be aware your physician may not phone you exactly at your specified appointment time, as much as we try, physicians can run late so please make sure you are available to answer your phone 30-minutes before your appointment and up to 45-minutes past your scheduled appointment time.

  2. The physician will phone from a confidential space with access to your records.  Some physicians may phone from the clinic number, unknown or blocked.  We ask that you please answer your phone during this time regardless of the displayed number if you are expecting a call from a Hilltop physician.

  3. Please ensure that you have a good phone connection in a quiet area where you can be free to speak frankly about any of your concerns.

  4. Please be aware that we are expecting to speak to only the person booked for the appointment and/or their caregiver similar to a clinic appointment and will not be addressing other patients concerns at that time.

  5. Your physician will decide based on the conversation if an in-person visit or additional follow up may be required.

  6. If you do not receive the call you are expecting within 45 minutes after your scheduled appointment time please phone the clinic.  

  7. Occasionally technical issues or other clinical responsibilities may arise, but we want to respect your appointment the same way we would in the clinic.

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