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Medical Representative Agreement

Representation Agreements are legal documents and are governed by BC’s Representation Agreement Act and the Representation Agreement Regulation.


A medical representative agreement must be properly documented within the respective patients medical record (at Hilltop Medical Clinic) for any Hilltop patient to enact the roles of the Representation Agreement.

A power of attorney (POA) document is not equivalent and does not grant medical authority.

What is a Representation Agreement?

  • A Representation Agreement is an essential legal planning document for health care matters.

  • It is the only way in BC to choose and authorize your decision maker for health care.

  • A representative has authority to help you make your own decisions, assist you with decisions, or, if necessary, make decisions on your behalf.

  • See diagram on page 2 for the decision-making continuum.

  • A Representation Agreement also covers personal care matters, which are often closely related to health care.

  • A Representation Agreement is a personal planning document — it is intended to be used while you are alive; it has no effect after you die.

  • A medical assessment or legal professional is not a requirement under the law for making any type of Representation Agreement.

  • This is not a Power of Attorney (POA) (Financial or Legal matters) document.

Who may make a Representation Agreement (RA) ?

  • You must be 19 years or older. In BC, the age of adulthood (age of majority) is 19 years.

Types of Representation Agreements that cover health care matters:

  • RA9

  • RA7 - For those adults do not meet the traditional capability requirements

    • Do NOT make both.

    • The key difference between the RA7 and the RA9 is the capability requirements for each.

The RA9 is for adults (19+) who are considered capable of understanding the nature and consequences of the proposed RA9 at the time of making it. This is based on the traditional definition of capability that also applies to wills, types of powers of attorney, and contracts.

The RA7 is designed for adults (19+) whose mental capability to ‘understand’ is in question. The RA7 has a different definition of capability than the traditional one and is unique to RA7s.

Section 9 Representation Agreements (RA9s)

Section 7 Representation Agreements (RA7s)

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