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Important Update from Dr. Tyrell (and Dr. Odedra) 

July 7, 2023



From the end of July 2023, Dr. Ben Tyrell is offering his patients the opportunity to transfer their care to Dr. Arjun Odedra at Hilltop Medical.



If you wish to continue your primary care with Dr. Odedra, please read and sign the document linked below and return the signed copy of page 7 to the office by mail, email, fax or in-person. (details noted on page 7).

If you choose Option 1 each patient will be required to setup a meet-and-greet appointment with Dr. Odedra. Please call Hilltop Medical, Pod 1, at: 604-531-5575 ext. 1

Any patient wishing to transition their care to Dr. Arjun Odedra must book their meet & greet appointment by December 31, 2023; otherwise you will be considered discharged from his practice because you have choosen option 2 as noted below.



If after reading the linked document you prefer to look elsewhere for a family physician, please contact our office (604-531-5575 ext. 1) as soon as possible by phone, so that we can update your file.


Click here to view Dr. Arjun Odedra's Patient Code of Conduct and Practice Policies 

If you are no longer a Hilltop Medical patient, please send an email to and include the following information:

Your first & last name, your date of birth, (to verify your account), and your new family physician's name & city in which they practice.




Hilltop Medical Clinic

604-531-5575 ext. 1

May 4, 2023 

For all Dr. B. Tyrell Patients (Hilltop Medical)


Dear patients,  


It is with mixed emotions that I inform you that I am retiring from family practice at the end of July 2023.  It has been a privilege to care for you and your families.   


Happily, I can reassure you that Hilltop has secured a new doctor to take over my patient panel, so you will not be without a family doctor. Dr. Arjun Odedra (who recently arrived from England with his wife and two young children) is scheduled to start in late July / early August 2023.  All of your medical records will be automatically transferred to his care (Dr. Arjun Odedra).  There is no need to call and request this transfer. (Unfortunately, I am not able to transfer your medical care to any other physicians at Hilltop, I thank you for your attention to this).  


Should you decide to transfer your care to another physician (outside of Hilltop) my staff will be happy to help send a copy of your medical records to your new physician once a signed consent is received from your new physician’s office.   


I wish you all good health & happiness in the future,  


Dr. Ben Tyrell 

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